Security with Lookout's Hank Schless

Lookout is a leading provider of endpoint security, and today we talk to Hank Schless about security threats and how companies can protect against them.

Finally! Acuity is on YouTube!

We're partying like it's 2005! It took us long enough, but we're finally coming around to this video thing. Check it out!

EBF On-Boarder for Migrating to InTune

We take a deeper dive into how the EBF On-Boarder works for seamless iOS migrations from VMware Workspace ONE to Microsoft InTune.

Google Play Store Biggest Source of Android Malware

Blocking non-market apps via MDM is often though of as enough to keep malware off corporate Android devices, but research from NortonLifelock shows that isn't a safe assumption.

Automating Mobile Device Recovery

Why we built a service desk bot to automate the recovery of decommissioned devices, and how it's helped our clients get better return on their assets and our team enjoy life more.

Do You Have a Transition Plan for the Android Enterprise Shift?

If you are currently managing your devices enrolled in an EMM which uses Device Admin, known as “Android legacy” in AirWatch, you’ve probably heard that Google is deprecating these APIs in favor of their newer Android Enterprise APIs. As of Android 10.0, devices will only support Android Enterprise enrollment, so it is time to consider migrating to Android Enterprise as your solution for corporate-managed Android devices.

Simplify IT and Delight End Users Through MDM Software

MDM/EMM software is a vital tool for ensuring devices and the data they contain are protected, and operating it effectively extends numerous security benefits to your business. In addition to securing mobile devices and preventing security breaches, an MDM/EMM solution will simplify IT and delight end users.

Don't Overlook These Common Mobile Security Pitfalls

Mobile security presents some unique challenges in comparison to traditional cybersecurity for a number of reasons. We've highlighted a few common mobile security pitfalls that are often overlooked - potentially leaving your business vulnerable to security breaches or data leaks.

The Criticality of Mobile Security in the Workplace

It’s safe to say that all organizations have caught on to the fact that security is critical—a need-to-have. But when you examine the functions of technology across business practice areas and departments, it becomes necessary to consider all the areas security touches; mobile security being one of the most key.

Successfully Executing on Mobile Security: The Acuity Approach

Mobile security is a major component of the overall protection of your business. Does your business have the resources to safeguard your mobile environment? Learn why mobile security can be so challenging, common pitfalls for businesses and how to overcome your obstacles.

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