In a word — relationships.

There are a lot of things that differentiate us from the crowd — the individual attention we give our partners and clients, our almost obsessive interest in doing things right, our reputation of being doggedly ethical — but the thing that most separates us from the pack is the emphasis we put on the relationships with our clients and partners.

I know. You’re thinking, “Everyone says that.” Yeah, they may, but it’s a little different for us, and here’s why: we have a vested interest in the success and satisfaction of our clients and partners. Our relationships must be mutually beneficial because we don’t make any money until and unless we improve their business.

That dynamic creates some interesting incentives.

Because the health of our business is based on the longevity of the relationships we build, we're incented to focus on the long term. Our success is truly based on how positively we can impact our clients and partners.

It makes no sense for us to try to make a quick buck if it's going to leave someone feeling shortchanged. At the same time, it's easy for us to justify putting in extra effort to demonstrate our commitment to the people we work with. For us it's not just about today's sale.

There is all that other stuff, too, of course.

While we think that our handling of our relationships is the big thing, the little things we do make a huge difference in the experience of our clients and partners. Our consultative approach means we get to focus on the big picture and dig deep into the business requirements of each opportunity — not just what they are today, but what they will be years from now.

Our technological infrastructure is pretty special, too. Our proprietary tools enable us to communicate with our partners, carriers, and clients in real-time, extending our reach. We process our transactions electronically wherever possible, so our partners get paid faster.

The bottom line is that we're committed to being better.

If you distill all that down to one thing, it's that we have a personal commitment to being better. Better than our peers, better than we were yesterday. And part of that is helping our clients and partners to be better. We think that makes us different, and we hope you agree.

We're a comprehensive technology infrastructure company providing network and cloud services, management and support solutions, and professional services to our partners and clients.

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