Successfully Executing on Mobile Security: The Acuity Approach

Acuity Mobile Security

Mobile security is challenging. First off, you’re dealing with an extremely diverse, dynamic environment encompassing dozens of device types, OS and app versions, peripherals and accessories. Second, it's highly dynamic; things change faster with mobility than traditional IT. Finally, managing and securing mobile environments is a demanding and costly endeavor. After all, mobility is a highly personal service, which can lead to more customization and support requests.

All this to say: most organizations struggle with effectively implementing mobile security alone, which is why our mission is to help customers no matter where they are in the process. Perhaps the greatest value to be garnered from enlisting the help of a mobile security partner is the ability to take advantage of a benchmarking and assessment engagement to gain insights into your current environment and MDM/EMM tool.

Another helpful feature of a mobility partner like Acuity is on-tap recommendations for best practices and access to the tools and expertise to execute. To illustrate, our engineers work directly with customers to create a transition plan to get a system from today’s operating state to where it needs to be based on benchmark assessment results.

Those are just a few value-adds to working with an expert mobile security partner. On an ongoing basis, many aspects of mobile security benefit from leaning on qualified help, such as:

  • Certificate renewals
  • iOS and internal app management
  • Securing iOS/Internap apps
  • Where Android is concerned, keeping up with a more rapidly changing environment
  • …and more

As mentioned, mobile security is far more dynamic than standard IT security. To establish and maintain mobile security, your IT team must be able to provide care and feeding to an ever-changing environment. Mobile phones are a serious liability when not properly managed. For this reason, Acuity is here to help address these risks by ensuring proper governance is in place in your mobile environment.

If your business is seeking immediate support for mobile security, or you would like a complimentary Benchmark Assessment contact us today and an expert will be in touch with you immediately.

Acuity Mobile Security

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