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Our telecom managed services provide centralized technical support for voice, data, colocation, and cloud services that includes troubleshooting, day to day administration, and inventory management to maximize operational efficiency.

Reliable Telecom and IT Services are part of the most important aspects of your business operations. These services enable you to conduct business and communicate with your customers, employees, and locations. You depend on these services to support your phone systems, email, remote access, and your critical business applications.

Our goal is to ensure your communications infrastructure is optimized by proactively monitoring and maintaining your infrastructure and connectivity. Telecom managed services from Acuity manage and remediate all telecom issues on your behalf. You can rely on Acuity to control costs and compile an accurate inventory of services, identify billing errors, streamline account management and tool access to maximize your ROI.


  • Troubleshooting and Repair of Network Issues
  • MACD Order Management & Support (Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects)
  • Inventory Development and Management
  • Ongoing Expense Management
  • Acquisitions Onboarding
  • Service Migrations
  • Contract Auditing

Key Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Optimize your IT/Telecom costs and services
  • Centralize technical support and streamline account management
  • Reduce downtime and decrease time spent on resolving issues with multiple providers

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