Mobility Managed Services Features

Is your mobile environment costing too much money? Is supporting it proving to be burdensome? Acuity's MMS service provides a comprehensive solution that controls costs, reduces liability, and makes sure your users are completely supported.

End-User Support

We believe the most important component of our MMS service is end-user support. As business-critical as mobile devices and applications are, it’s vital that users have access to expert support when and how they need it. It's equally vital for that support to be polite and professional.

24x7 helpdesk

The foundation of our support infrastructure is our 24x7 US-based helpdesk, staffed here in our corporate office with experienced level 1, 2, and 3 wireless support reps and technicians. User satisfaction is our driving goal, so calls are answered quickly by a real person.

Multi-channel support

Not everyone seeks support in the same way, so we ensure users can reach us by phone, email, online ticketing system, or web chat. All requests are centrally tracked and managed to our internal SLAs.

End-user web portal

Our proprietary web portal, branded with your company logo, is designed to allow end-users to submit requests and chat with our helpdesk. It also supports our approval processes.

End-user web portal

Expense Management

Because mobile environments are dynamic — staff changes, devices break or are upgraded — it's critical that the expenses associated with wireless services be meticulously watched to keep costs down. Our MMS service includes continuous expense management to achieve this objective.

Initial cost assessment

The first step in any engagement is an initial assessment of wireless costs. In most cases we identify immediate savings opportunities that more than cover the cost of our service.

Monthly analyses

Every month our analysts review your invoice, looking at plan utilization and identifying billing errors. This process also involves a reconciliation of user info across carriers, MDM software, and directory stores like AD.

Monthly analysis

Real-time monitoring

We'll monitor usage day-to-day to catch anomalies such as international roaming and data overages in order to adjust quickly and avoid bill surprises.

Contract negotiation

As part of our process we will help during renegotiation of provider contracts to ensure you're receiving competitive discounts and that the plans are optimally designed for your environment.

Long-term liabilities

Cost containment is about more than just month-to-month expenses. We also minimize termination fees and new 2-year terms by managing line contract liabilities, reusing devices, and strategically suspending lines.

Mobile Device Management Software Administration

MDM software like AirWatch and MobileIron can be a vital tool in ensuring your devices and the data they contain are adequately protected. We can both deploy and administer your MDM platform as part of an MMS engagement.

Consistent security restrictions

One of the biggest benefits of MDM software is the ability to ensure all devices comply with corporate security standards. Don't have standards set? See our policy design and enforcement section below.

Automated wipe capabilities

Some industries, like healthcare, are especially sensitive to the risks associated with lost or stolen devices. We've developed an automated system that allows your managers to independently trigger the wipe of a device via phone, text, or web.

AirWatch, MobileIron, & Microsoft partners

Our partnership with these major MDM players means we can provide a one-stop shop. We can sell, install, and maintain these award-winning platforms consistent with best practices.

AirWatch MobileIron Microsoft

Policy Design & Enforcement

Data security and acceptable use enforcement isn't just for healthcare and finance. More and more companies are realizing that mobile phones can be a serious liability if not properly managed. We help to address these risks by ensuring proper governance is in place in your mobile environment.

Acceptable use policies

Developing and consistently deploying a robust acceptable use policy can help protect you from liability, make it clear to users what's off-limits, and establish repercussions for breaches.

Equipment liability

A commonly overlooked policy element is who is liable for the equipment, and whether that liability is reasonable. As part of our service we'll help establish and communicate these rules.

Complex approval policies

Governance can often include more tangible concepts like who can request what kind of device, who pays for upgrades, and what accessories are acceptable. Our processes support multi-level approval chains to ensure that management reviews these kinds of requests before they're fulfilled, as well as device restrictions to limit user options.

Device Staging & Deployment

Especially for companies that require specific applications and accessories, our structured staging and deployment services ensure that devices get in your users hands ready to go, minimizing downtime.


Pre-configuration ensures devices are uniform and reduces the chance of user issues after deployment. Options include establishment of base device settings, WiFi configuration, and creation of business-standard Google Play or AppleID credentials.

App icons

MDM enrollment

MDM software is only as good as your enrollment processes. Ensuring that all phones are pre-enrolled with all required restrictions applied maximizes control of your environment.


Pre-packaging devices with accessories like cases and handsfree kits can minimize device damage and ensure users have all the equipment needed to be immediately productive.

Inventory management

As costly as modern smartphones and tablets are, closely managing those assets is a significant value driver and a critical component of our MMS service.

Inventory tracking

The core of any inventory management program is tracking of the assets. As part of our service we track all hardware from cradle to grave, recording its current state and all major changes. 

Hot spares

Depending on the inventory strategy that best suits your organization, we will maintain hot spares for quick deployment as interim devices to users that have damaged their primary device or who need a short-term loaner.

Repair services

As part of our management service we offer comprehensive device repair services to address damage not covered by manufacturer warranties — cracked screens, dead batteries, broken charging ports.


Especially if your devices might contain sensitive data, a structured decommissioning program is critical. As part of our service we will handle wiping and destroying or recycling decommissioned devices.

Reporting & Analytics

As cliche as it's become, there's truth to the concept that measurement is key to management. It is also a critical tool when it comes to budgeting and policy decisions.

Real-time line reports

Service and device inventory reports provide insight into where and how mobility assets and costs are distributed across your organization.

Carrier integration for usage stats

Optionally, we can leverage eBonding to integrate with your wireless provider and achieve real-time plan, inventory, and usage data.

User satisfaction reporting

Because our approach to MMS is heavily support-focused, measurement and reporting of end-user satisfaction is an important way to ensure we are meeting our high service standards. It also helps our clients to quantify our impact on their users' experience.

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