Acuity Technologies Honored as a Member of 2019's Fast 50

Acuity Technologies Honored as a Member of 2019's Fast 50Acuity Technologies recently had the privilege of being recognized as a 2019 Fast 50 company. The award, given by The Tampa Bay Business Journal, recognizes the fastest growing companies in the Tampa Bay area. It's a great honor to be among the other 49 businesses. It attests not only to the economic strength in the region but also to the talented and hardworking employees who populate it.

An Award for Rapid Growth

The Fast 50 honor is for privately held for-profit businesses that are headquartered in Tampa Bay and meet certain revenue minimums. In total, the firms on the list have seen their revenues increase $2.8 billion from 2016 to 2018 — a 78% increase and a clear sign of Tampa Bay's growth. The companies in this year's list represent a wide variety of industries, including technology, hospitality, civil contracting, and marketing.

Great Workers Lead to Growth and Vice Versa

The combined companies also boast 4,094 local employees and 8,397 total employees. As Acuity Technologies' CEO, Josh Anderson, said to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the secret to Acuity's rapid growth "boils down to the hard work and grit of a great team. Sure, we believe we provide excellent services and innovative products, but it's our culture and its impact on the focused effort of a cohesive team that I think makes the difference."

This team-based growth also reflects Acuity's core business offering — mobility managed services that manage complex mobile device environments for large companies. Employees are increasingly mobile, and businesses and customers benefit from availability and responsiveness. Remote and mobile employees need effective solutions for communication and collaboration. Mobility managed services takes the struggle and guesswork out of implementing and maintaining an effective mobility program.

Acuity's Growth in Tampa Bay and Beyond

Acuity serves not only the Tampa Bay area (along with the rest of the United States) but last year it gained a large Canadian client. This expanded service area has given Acuity even more opportunities for growth as an organization, and, in fact, this new client sparked some of the company's best experiences in working closely together on a common goal.

Growth is on Acuity's horizon, but the company is also ever-mindful of the vital role collaboration between employees and management had on its success. Balancing rapid growth with quality is a common concern for any business, but for Acuity, it represents the priority for the year ahead. According to Anderson, "Continuing our growth is a big priority but so is ensuring we are improving internally to ensure that we're in a position to manage that growth."

Mobility managed services is just one facet of Acuity's services, which also includes network and cloud services and telecom managed services. For more information on Acuity and how managed services help drive productivity and efficiencies in businesses through communications, mobility, and more, contact us or visit us at

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