Acuity Technologies Forms Strategic Sales Partnership with CNSG

Acuity Technologies recently established a strategic sales relationship with Converged Network Services Group (CNSG). CNSG is a premier master distributor for the design and delivery of comprehensive technology solutions for partners' customers. With this alliance, CNSG partners will have streamlined and immediate access to all of Acuity's services, including mobility managed services, telecom managed services, and expense management.

Common Values in an Ideal Partnership

This partnership is more than the typical supplier-distributor relationship because both Acuity and CNSG share core values that highlight the importance of relationship building and a commitment to partnership success. CNSG holds firm to its philosophy of helping partners win. Similarly, Acuity has built its business one relationship at a time with a focus on long term results.

Transforming Communications Technology Into Value

Partners and their customers will benefit from the combined power of CNSG's supplier connections and Acuity's unique managed services solutions. Together, the provided solutions will enable businesses to not only manage their technology but also create additional value and drive operational efficiencies while cutting costs.
According to Josh Anderson, CEO of Acuity Technologies, the company is "pleased to join CNSG's supplier portfolio as a Gold Partner." Anderson added, "CNSG partners will now have access to a suite of managed services solutions that can create additional value and drive operational efficiencies from existing communications technology infrastructures. Acuity's solutions for mobility managed services and telecom managed services deliver a unique combination of consultative services including expense management, technical expertise, in-house resources, and proprietary technologies designed to help businesses effectively manage communication technology."

Scalability for Managed Growth

CNSG sees Acuity as a reliable partner in delivering valuable solutions without the hassle often associated with enterprise communications. "Acuity's managed services are a great addition to our supplier portfolio," commented Randy Friedberg, EVP of sales and marketing for CNSG. "Their scalable approach offers everything from turnkey solutions to strategic management, opening up new opportunities for CNSG and our partners."

Value, growth, scalability, expense management — each of these are crucial components of modern communications. Without the right relationship, however, technology can quickly turn into chaos, and tools intended to boost productivity can become hurdles. With CNSG and Acuity working together, partners can truly leverage the power of modern communications without the hassles of in-house management.

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