Acuity Welcomes Digium as a Provider

Although it was officially announced a few months back, we are finally geared up and ready to bring Digium's cloud version of their popular Switchvox platform to our partners. You may be rolling your eyes and saying, "not another hosted VOIP service," but hear me out. There is some interesting differentiation in this offering that fills a definite need.

When Digium was putting together our press release, they asked us to give them some feedback on why we chose to partner with them, and the simple answer is that the product fits an important middle ground between premise-based and hosted platforms. Digium gives users access to essentially the same administration tools and user applications. The result is an experience that closely matches what you'd get if you had Switchvox sitting in your phone closet.

Digium D70 phoneIn my opinion, the ability to have that premise-based experience addresses a common objection companies have to hosted VOIP offerings — they want to be able to control their environment, for better or worse. They don't want to have to put in a MACD order just to change an auto attendant or to add an extension.

There's another benefit to our partners that offer this service. While many customers want the ability to control their environment, they may not necessarily have the wherewithal to actually perform the work. That presents the opportunity to provide value-added support and management services that provide a much better customer experience and help you earn ancillary support revenue.

Best of all for us, the folks at Digium are our kind of people. They're supportive, technically proficient, and genuinely interested in building a channel that benefits everyone.

Look for emails about upcoming Digium trainings that you can participate in, or contact us for a one-on-one conversation about getting started selling Digium Cloud Services.

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