Sales partner tools built from scratch with simplicity in mind.

We designed our web-based infrastructure from the ground up to help our partners get the most out of their relationship with us. The key is communication — our system makes sure you're always up to speed on your opportunities and accounts. Check out the highlights of our sales partner tools below, or talk to us and get a personal tour.

A six-page tech sheet shouldn't be required to start an opportunity.

When you're working with your clients, you want to focus first on what they need. That's why we made our opportunity entry process as simple as possible. It's all about requirements-gathering. The technical nitty-gritty can come later.

Watch a video tour of opportunity entry.

View everything about your opportunity at a glance, on a single page.

Once you create an opportunity, everything can be viewed and managed from a single, easily-accessible page. Quote request summaries show you who's bidding on your opportunity, and the quotes list lets you see pricing side-by-side.

Watch a video tour of the opportunity page.

Flexible notifications keep you up to date on what's important to you.

Detailed notifications were one of the main goals we had when building our system. That's why you can choose what you want to be notified of, and how — by email or text message. Any events you subscribe to are also shown on your home page.

Watch a video tour of our notification system.

Full visibility into our quoting and order process for your opportunity.

You don't have to ask what's going on with your opportunity because we show you everything — which carriers have bid or refused on the deal, what quotes have come back, and how your orders are progressing.

Watch a video tour of our deal process.

Accurate commission tracking with instant payment information.

Our system's commission engine tracks your commissions from sale to payment, letting you drill down to the individual commissionable revenue items. Our payment tracking lets you know when and how you're paid.

Watch a video tour of our commission system.

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