Telephony Partners is now Acuity Technologies

Telephony Partners, a leading telecommunications master agency, announced today that it has rebranded the company under the name Acuity Technologies (“Acuity”), and has released a new logo and new website. This change consolidates, under one comprehensive identity, services that had previously been marketed through two different brands, and better aligns the company’s identity with its service set and strategic focus.

Over the past two years, Telephony Partners has been expanding its business focus in response to industry changes, adding a suite of support and management solutions to work in concert with the telecommunications and cloud services the company has historically offered. These new solutions, which had been provided under a different brand name, were a response to the changing landscape of network technology and the demands it placed on businesses. “The same philosophy that caused clients to move core services to the cloud naturally created demand for solution providers that could offer centralized support of those technologies,” said Josh Anderson, CEO of Acuity.

Josh is quick to point out that the proliferation of cloud services is not the main driver of this change. He explains, “We believe that the growth of cloud technologies is not a discrete phenomenon, but rather an indication of an overall shift in network architecture. The tipping point has been brought on by the proliferation of low-cost, high-quality bandwidth, the expansion of resource sharing technologies like virtualization, and the changing landscape of network clients to include devices like smartphones and tablets. There’s a fundamental shift in progress that extends beyond just cloud.”

According to Josh, the company continues its commitment to its partners and the channel in general. He explains, “Our partners are the backbone of our success, and now that these new solutions are fully developed it only makes sense that we bring everything together into one cohesive offering. This will enable our partners to succeed through diversification and an expansion of the value they can bring to their clients.”

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Acuity Technologies ( is a comprehensive technology infrastructure company and telecom master agency, providing network and cloud services from the industry’s top providers as well as proprietary management and support solutions and professional services. Founded in 2002 and based in Tampa, FL, the company sells through a nationwide network of channel partners and VARs.

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