Mobility Managed Services: Powerful Tools You Never Knew You Needed


A closer look at mobility managed services.Businesses hear about a lot of services they absolutely need every day, some of which they didn't even know existed until earlier that day. Some of these services, however, are indeed as vital as they claim to be, so getting a better handle on these services opens up a whole new slate of opportunities in the field. One such system, which was a comparative unknown for a while, is a field known as managed mobility services. These may not be familiar to you yet, but a closer look will make it clear why managed mobility services are so useful to nearly any company.

What Are Managed Mobility Services?

Essentially, managed mobility services are exactly what the name suggests: mobility services that have some management behind them. Here, “mobility services” include things such as apps and tools designed to manage mobile devices themselves. “Mobility services” can also include PC software, as long as that software is used to connect workers not currently in the office to the overall office environment. Laptop users aren't ignored in the fullest definition of mobility services. So managed mobility services here not only apply to the worker who is occasionally out of the office, such as outside sales staff or service personnel, but also to most any breed of remote worker.

Why Managed Mobility Services Are Vital to Businesses

Looking at the definition of managed mobility services alone will certainly suggest key benefits, and there's quite a number of these on hand that may not have been previously considered.

They're Huge for Telecommuters. If you're using remote workers, or planning to- — and the reasons to turn to a remote workforce are themselves huge in number — then managed mobility services will be vital to keeping those remote workers up, running, and productive. After all, one of the biggest concerns that comes into play regarding a remote workforce is that the workforce won't actually get anything done. By making it easier to reconnect with the overall office environment, though, remote workers become every bit a match for those workers still inside the building.

A Bottom-line Improvement. While it seems naturally obvious that the bottom line improves when remote workers are suddenly more productive, that's not the only contribution to the bottom line. Remember that most staff members can benefit in some way from managed mobility solutions. You don't have to be a remote worker to appreciate the ability to duck out at 3:00 PM to pick up your kid from school, and managed mobility solutions help make that possible. Workers are thus better able to focus on the business's core functions, adding further efficiency gains and productivity. What's more, many managed mobility service providers offer expense management tools that help keep costs down and further contribute to bottom-line improvements. These can include analyses of initial costs, contract negotiations, and more.

Beat the Time-zone Shuffle. With businesses increasingly globalized, the nine-to-five just doesn't work that well anymore. A nine-to-five in Manhattan can't get a whole lot done in Los Angeles, where it's now six-to-two. Forget about getting much done in Paris, where their nine-to-five means Manhattan businesses better get in touch before 11 AM. Staffing a second shift — or a third shift — for an office would be madness, but with remote operations, it becomes possible to let employees address that 4 PM call from Los Angeles or even one from Tokyo.

A Boost to HR. If the idea of managed mobility services being a help to human resources (HR) sounds like a long shot, just consider the previous point. Sure, employees can work at any time of the day or night now, but when employees find themselves constantly working from home in addition to an eight-hour day, who will they come to first? HR departments will take the brunt of employee questions and concerns here, and managed mobility services can offer vital insight into how to address the increasingly blurry lines of a workday and every other hour of an employee's life. Plus, HR can also benefit from easier compliance with the laws relating to mobile employees and more rapid onboarding of new staff.

The Best of “Managed.” We know mobility services can be a substantial boost in the office, but the “managed” part adds benefits of its own. By using managed services, businesses get better access to some of the best practices of mobility. This includes several vital security functions including encryption and network access controls, as well as other useful measures such as setting up remote locks and offering insight on training employees in proper mobile practices on their end. Plus, managed services generally offer a lot of support — some even offer service level agreements (SLAs) that quantify availability, complete with remedies if that uptime level isn't maintained — so if something goes wrong, you know where to turn.

There When the Hardware Fails. Many managed mobility service providers offer what are called “end-of-life services,” or services that come into play when the hardware involved is past its prime. Services vary, of course, but end-of-life services can include things such as full “sanitization” of devices, removing useful data beyond all ability to recover, as well as repair and refurbishing devices, sale of unneeded devices, and even recycling of those devices that just can't go another day. So when it's time for upgrades, having a managed mobility service provider in your corner can help make the process of getting rid of the old hardware that much smoother.

How to Get Help Putting Managed Mobility Services to Work

Managed mobility services come with no shortage of benefits, from help with the bottom line to a safer overall corporate networking environment. It's no surprise that businesses would want to take advantage of these benefits, but, with so many managed mobility service providers out there, where do you even begin? Begin by getting in touch with us at Acuity. Our managed mobility services put extra focus on the end user, offering 24/7 helpdesk capability, multi-channel support options, an end-user web portal, and so much more. Put the power of managed mobility services to work for you, and reach out to us to make it happen.


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