Telephony Partners adds Masergy as a provider

We're excited to announce that we have finalized our agreement with Masergy and our partners can now begin offering their full suite of services. Masergy has a unique service set that meshes very well with our focus on a requirements-driven approach to our partners' opportunities.

At the core of Masergy's offering is their Intelligent Transport service, which provides WAN connectivity anywhere in the world with an Ethernet hand-off, even when native Ethernet isn't available. They offer up to six classes of service that give customers the ability to design their network to efficiently support a variety of types of traffic. Some of the best opportunities for Masergy involve clients that need to transport voice, video, and critical data over the same circuit.

This consistency of service and flexible QoS are great in and of themselves, but in my opinion Masergy's true value lies in how they enable clients to manipulate bandwidth and quality of service options, all on the fly via an elegant customer portal. This portal isn't like other carriers' portals. It's essentially a self-service provisioning tool. Whereas some carriers may allow customers to request changes to their service, usually this process is nothing more than opening a ticket, which then goes into the customer service meat grinder and is completed at some point later...sometimes much later.

Masergy's portal is a different beast. When a customer uses the portal, they can view real-time data about the circuit. Most impressively, though, they can make changes to the port speed and the bandwidth allocation of classes of service, and those changes will happen immediately. This is unbelievably powerful for clients who need to manipulate the performance of their network to accommodate irregular traffic or who simply require deeper access into the operation of their WAN. Seriously, it has to be seen to be appreciated.

The addition of Masergy is consistent with our continued focus on complex network opportunities because it simply can't be sold in a commodity fashion. For one, Masergy will never be the price leader. For two, the value presented by their services cannot be articulated without having an in-depth conversation about the client's business requirements. Selling Masergy almost requires that you deepen your relationship with your client, it's going to force you to position yourself in a way that will pay off even if Masergy doesn't get the business.

Another huge benefit to offering Masergy to your clients is the fact that they are one of the most channel-friendly providers out there. Essentially every deal is channel integrated, meaning you can leverage the assistance and support of a Masergy account rep to help develop and close the opportunity. With a service as sophisticated as Masergy's, the benefit of this kind of sales environment can't be overstated.

Ready to get started?

We're working with Masergy to put together an introduction webinar in the next few weeks. Look for an email notice with exact dates/times. Starting in 2013, we'll also be organizing in-person events throughout the eastern US. However, as always feel free to get in touch with us if you want to get started sooner.

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